Dixon-Bate Towbars

Dixon-Bate LogoDixon-Bate has over 70 years experience of supplying the caravan market with products designed to make caravanning such an enjoyable pastime. The current range of products reflects a continuing belief in supplying products which are both easy to use and economically priced.

Adjustable Height Towing Brackets

Towing with a 4x4 vehicle is becoming increasingly popular with caravanners who appreciate the extra towing power and carrying capacity such vehicles provide. Because of the high ground clearance required by 4x4 vehicles for off-road use the standard towing bracket fitted to the vehicle is often too high for the average caravan resulting in a "nose-up" attitude. The Dixon-Bate range of Adjustable Height towing brackets enables the towing coupling to be easily and quickly adjusted without tools to the right height to suit the hitch height of the caravan.

Universal Couplings

5500kg Pinball Coupling3500kg Pinball Coupling
  • Unique ball & pin coupling
  • Ball part of one piece high tensile steel forging
  • Separate forged steel pin
  • Simple, safe secure pin retention
  • Gold passivate finish
  • Ideal for mixed trailer fleets
  • Patent No. 2076765

Towing Jaws

5500kg Coupling3500kg Coupling
  • S.G. Icon cast bodies
  • High tensile forged steel pins
  • Simple, safe and secure pin retention
  • Phosphate and paint finish
  • Zinc plated pins

4x4 Towing Brackets

Tow Bar
  • All towing brackets use vehicle manufacturers recommended fixing points.
  • Most designs one piece construction for ease of fitting.
  • Other coupling configurations available (e.g. Nato Spec) on request.
  • Designed to tow vehicles manufacturers rated towing capacity.
  • Two height positions as standard

Towing Pintles

  • Fully rotatable (360ยบ)
  • Built in locking device to secure pintle in fixed or rotary position.
  • Flush mounting to vehicle using four bolts (not supplied)
  • Hooks available with/without side lock.
  • Approved by World Armies and Vehicle manufacturers
  • Red Oxide finish

Easi-Step Towbars

Tow Steps
  • Bolts directly onto towbar
  • All steel construction
  • Range of lengths and step widths available
  • Finished in zinc gold passivate
  • Hole fixings to either BS Au 114a or BS Au 24
  • Supplied with double electric socket plate

Whatever you are towing secure it with the new Dixon-Bate coupling

Several years of continuous development work has resulted in the design of the Secure Locking System for your Dixon-Bate Towing Coupling.

Adjustable Height Coupling Universal Coupling Towing Jaw Coupling
Adjustable Height
Towing Jaw


Coupling Lock
  • The Coupling Lock is designed to use the minimum effort to operate and provide the maximum resistance to theft.
  • Engaged by pressing an integral button, makes the installation swift and easy, no tools required.
  • Released using the high security key provided.
  • Over I 0 million different combinations
  • Corrosion resistant zinc phosphate and black paint finish.

Lock PinsLock-Pin

In addition to the high security lock, the kit includes a replacement pin suitable for your Dixon-Bate coupling. Each pin is specially machined to receive the lock, it is supplied with either a new R clip (adjustable coupling version) or chain/tag and R clip (Universal coupling or towing jaw version).